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TV Mall: Africa’s Complete Shopping Experience

Africa’s first live shopping channel, TV Mall, to launch on DSTV, offering viewers a unique shopping experience from the comfort of their own homes

TV Mall is all set to push the envelope, with its launch of the first live home shopping channel on the continent. From 1 June 2018, DSTV viewers can flick to channel 173 for their fix of shopping broadcasts, showcasing everything from fashion to furniture, technology to toys, and food to fitness. Broadcasting live for 6 hours a day to 6.5 million homes around South Africa, TV Mall is sure to inspire and entertain shoppers like never before. For the first few months, TV Mall’s 24-hour schedule will include 6 hours of live broadcast and repeat shows.

In the age of digitization, just about everything has gone online and shopping is certainly no exception. TV Mall promises to entertain viewers, while educating them on product innovation that is sure to get jaws dropping. Rather than rushing about the mall, searching for specials and comparing products from shop to shop, TV Mall allows viewers to sit in their favourite chairs and gain the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions seamlessly, in the comfort of their homes.
So much more than a collection of infomercials, TV Mall is about genuine storytelling, a platform for sellers to engage with their audiences by having a conversation. Using a talk-show host format, the channel will allow entrepreneurs and innovators the chance to chat about their products, giving them the opportunity to be heard in today’s noisy market place. It is an interactive and highly visual platform, meaning that sellers can really get into the nitty-gritty of their products, highlighting just what it is which makes their offers unique.

While home shopping channels have been filling screens since the 1980’s internationally, the advent of online shopping has taken this form of entertainment to new heights. TV Mall will see the original home shopping experience enriched by the incorporation of e-commerce, where viewers can make purchases via the web, on a mobile app or through a call centre 24 hours a day. The TV Mall app, while permitting purchasing, also allows flexibility, as viewers can choose to watch the channel on their small screens. Once making payment for a purchase, shoppers can expect their goods to be delivered to their doorsteps within 3 to 5 days. It is an engaging, immersive approach to home shopping, even integrating social media platforms – an ideal opportunity for local and international sellers to gain community traction.

TV Mall is expected to complement the DSTV bouquet, providing an alternative to mere binge watching for the sake of watching. Instead, the channel offers what can be considered therapeutic television, where viewers can experience the convenience of home shopping which solves their everyday problems. With its South African flavour, TV Mall will excite, educate and entertain, providing the perfect occasion to enjoy shopping anytime and anywhere. It really is a 360 degree shopping experience.