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Rem-Fit™ Active 100

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Arm yourself with insightful data to measure activity and recovery in the FREE REM-Fit Active App, so you're at your best all day, every day. Performance powers everything you do; from your morning workout to meetings in the office. The REM-Fit Fitness & Sleep Tracker arms you with insightful data to measure both activity and recovery, so you're at your best all day, every day.

Arms you with insightful data to measure both activity and recovery, so you're at your best all day, every day

360 LIFESCORE (Activity + Sleep Scores)
Measure activity and sleep quality to get the most out of your day, easily tracked with the 360 LifeScore

ACTIVITY SCORE with ActivePoints
Monitor how active you are during the day, not just how many steps you've taken

The sleep tracker detects restlessness and sleep duration to determine sleep quality

The step counter tracks how many steps you take in a day, week, month and over all-time

From A to B and everywhere in between, REM-Fit Active will show how far you went today

Track how many calories you burn

Touch-Sensitive Aluminum Alloy Surface with goal-tracking LED indicator lights

Waterproof rating IP67 with protection against immersion between 15cm-1m for up to 30 minutes, and complete dust protection

Battery lasts up to 6 days.

REM-Fit Active 100 Fitness & Sleep Tracker, USB charging dock and instruction manual

Bluetooth syncs with free app; iOS (iPhone 4S or higher) and Android (Android 4.3 + BLE or higher) compatible

REM-Fit Life provides workout, nutrition and recovery tips to help runners, Cross Fitters, triathletes, cyclists, exercisers and weekend warriors achieve – and surpass – their fitness goals.

Coach Kevin, head coach and owner of Cross Fit Autonomy in Highland Park, Illinois, uses a scientific approach to fitness. Before becoming a Cross Fit coach, Kevin served in the Navy. During that time, he took on the position of Command Fitness Coordinator. He started a workout facility on his team’s submarine and helped his peers reach exercise and overall health goals.

That’s when his fitness coaching career took off. And along the way, he’ll demonstrate innovative fitness and recovery techniques to make sure you’re ahead of the game in the gym and in life. Find the workouts on YouTube!


1. Wake the device before we begin

You may need to ‘wake’ your REM-Fit Active. Some REM-Fit Active devices ship from the factory in a hibernated state. Here is how you wake the device: Place the device in the USB charger. The lights on the device start blinking and is ready to use. We recommend charging it for at least 60 minutes before first use.

2. Download the REM-Fit Active App

You will need the REM-Fit Active App for iOS or Android in order to use your REM-Fit Active. You can download the Apps here:Now that your REM-Fit Active is awake and the App is downloaded, you can create your REM-Fit Active account.1. Click the ‘Sign Up’ button on the App’s home screen 2. Follow the prompts to create an account 3. Enter all of the information and click the ‘Save’ button 4. When prompted, click the ‘Find’ button in the App 5. Select your REM-Fit Active from the list 6. Sync the device 7. Your REM-Fit Active is now associated with your REM-Fit account www.rem-fit.com


3. Creating a REM-Fit Active account


4. Using the REM-Fit Active device

The lights of the REM-Fit Active 100 will change based on the information it is giving you. Tap the device 3 times quickly to see your goal progress. Press and hold the display for 3 seconds to see the battery status.

• Charging: Red lights roll across the display:

• Switching to Sleep Mode: 3 blue lights for 5 seconds:

• Low battery: Red lights blink 10 times every 30 min:

• Switching to Active Mode: 3 green lights for 5 seconds:

• Communication with device: 3 blinking blue lights for 3 seconds:

• Goal Progress: 1 blinking green light for each 1/3 of goal reached:

• Alarm

• Battery Status: 1 solid red light for each 1/3 of battery remaining:

• Goal Achieved

5. Earning Sleep Points

Stay connected with REM-Fit You can use your REM-Fit Active user name and password to log Your REM-Fit Active can also track and analyze your sleep. To enter Sleep Mode, navigate to the Sleep Points page in the REM-Fit Active App and follow these steps:

1. Press the ‘Start’ button in the top window to begin earning Sleep Points

2. Your device will enter sleep mode.

3. When you wake up, click the ‘Stop’ button in the App

4. Your REM-Fit Active App will pull the data from your REM-Fit Active, analyze it and display your results on the page. See detailed graphs and charts of your data, add something new on the site, so check back often! Enjoy your REM-Fit Active!


Regularly clean & dry your band and wrist. When working out, sweating, or exposing your skin to substances like soaps and lotions, these items can get trapped beneath the band. Keep the REM-Fit Active dry and only apply it when your wrist is dry when using the armband. Keep your REM-Fit Active band snug, but not tight. Do not expose to extremely high or low temperatures. Do not attempt to repair, modify or disassemble your REM-Fit Active. There are no user serviceable parts and modifying your REM-Fit Active


All materials and devices provided are for your information only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction.

No action or inaction should be taken based solely on the contents of this information or use of these devices; instead, users should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being.

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